Conductor Heads to be at the Dallas Home & Garden Show

Conductor Head StylesOur good friends at Rhino of Rockwall will be attending the 32nd Dallas Home & Garden Show on March 4-6 at Market Hall.  They will have  some of our Conductor Heads on display so if you get a chance to get out to the show make sure you stop by their booth.



Conductor Head

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panels

They will also be displaying our Insulated Wall Panels.  These panels are a fantastic way to really change the look of a room.  Insulated Wall Panels can virtually be custom-made to match any stone or brick pattern.


3 Responses to “Conductor Heads to be at the Dallas Home & Garden Show”

  1. I love these. They really dress up the exterior of your home.

  2. Almost forgot – the wall is one of my favorite. How quickly it transforms a room.

  3. TonyS says:

    I love the insulated wall panels.  That's a great idea!