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Custom Outdoor Bar & Grill

Custom Grill SketchWe recently had the opportunity to design & build a custom outdoor bar & grill.   Then were looking for a bar that would essentially wrap around a section of their  house in an “L” shape and provide a great entertainment area next to the pool.  The customer preferred more curves than straight lines so we came up with a design that “flows” around the corner of the house and creates a couple of different sitting areas.  The bar would look like Moss Rock with a stone  look counter top using a product called ArcusStone.  After getting her approval from the rendering we started work on the project.


Custom Bar

Because of the size of this bar we had to divide the bar into four sections and build each section one at a time.  

After the base and top pieces were cut we fit the pieces together for the first time to get a true perspective on how big it really was!

Custom Designed Bar

Custom Designed Bar          Custom Designed Bar

After the bar’s base pieces were stuck together, the foam was hand-carved to to give it a stone look.

Plaster base coat and fiber glass mesh were then applied  to give the foam strength and rigidity.  The bar will gain approximately 4-5 lbs per square foot after base coat and texture applications.  After sticking the top surface to the base, it was time to apply the ArcusStone finish to the counter top.

ArcusStone Counter Top

ArcusStone Counter TopArcusStone Counter Top

Custom Designed Bar

Custom Designed BarAfter several coats of paint the bar is really starting to look good!






Custom Designed Bar

Custom Grill

Custom Grill SketchThe grill began from a simple sketch using Google Sketchup.  We first cut a bottom profile view into a large section of foam to create the general shape of the grill area.




Custom Grill

We were then able to make the other cut outs allowing for our grill,  dry storage pantry & side drawers .  





Once again, the foam base was hand-carved to give it a stone-look.  

Custom Designed GrillAfter carving the foam we installed the grill, dry storage pantry & side drawers to see what it would look like.


Custom Designed Grill


Conductor Heads to be at the Dallas Home & Garden Show

Conductor Head StylesOur good friends at Rhino of Rockwall will be attending the 32nd Dallas Home & Garden Show on March 4-6 at Market Hall.  They will have  some of our Conductor Heads on display so if you get a chance to get out to the show make sure you stop by their booth.



Conductor Head

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panels

They will also be displaying our Insulated Wall Panels.  These panels are a fantastic way to really change the look of a room.  Insulated Wall Panels can virtually be custom-made to match any stone or brick pattern.


“Outrageous Hunting Stands & Blinds”

Outdoorthemescapes has made many custom deer blinds over the last few years.  The Grotto Blind was lots of fun but one of our favorites was the Hay Bale Blind. We've got to say that this blind looks right at home in a field amongst several other hay bales.  This blind really does look like the real thing!  We even recently found a picture of it on under the topic of  "Outrageous Hunting Stands & Blinds".

Our blinds are constructed with EPS foam and then sprayed with Rhino Lining Extreme for superior protection.  Since all our products start with EPS foam, you can be sure you will be well insulated from the elements.

Let us know if we can build your next custom deer blind. Hay Bale Blind


Pool Season is Just Around the Corner!

We had the privilege of working together with the fine folks over at Aqua Table to help them with their new Aqua Table design.  This product was recently shown at the Southwest Pool & Spa show in Arlington, Tx.  All their products are designed by pool builders for pool builders.  For more information, head over to



Plano High School Drill Team gets Toy Story Props

The Plano High School Drill Team (Planoettes) goes retro with props from Toy Story.    Outdoorthemescapes created a 5 ft tall Speak and Spell, Jack in the Box and Stackable Rings for the drill team.  These props look like the real thing!  It's hard to believe that the Speak and Spell pictured to the right is actually 5 ft tall!

Outdoorthemescapes specializes in building props and theme related products.  What can we do to help you come alive like the toys in Toy Story?

Speak and Spell


Gorilla Business

We recently tweeted about this project and wanted to update you on it's progress. We have a customer that needed us to make a gorilla to be mounted on top of a van and this was the result!

Our guys are highly skilled at what they do which allows us to offer many custom designs and products.

Let us know what you think.