Sign Products

OTS makes many sign products ranging from monument signs, sign covers & billboard column wraps

Foam Monument Signs

Our Foam Monument Signs are an inexpensive and excellent way to really dress up your existing signage.  We can custom match the cover in stone, brick or stucco to your building. Foam core is custom cut and coated with Rhino Extreme for excellent durability. Architectural Elements can be created to match existing or set your sign apart from the rest.


Sign Covers

Slide one of our Sign Covers over your existing metal sign for an instant custom sign that will immediately draw more attention! Sign Covers are available in many styles for standard sign sizes.

18" x 24" Sign Covers – $199.00

24" x 24" Sign Covers – $199.00

24" x 36" Sign Covers – $219.00

Add a base to create an inexpensive monument sign.

Other options include solar lighting and a chimney info tube.

Available in Many Styles


Look How Easy They Are To Install!!!


Standard Monument Sign


Monument Sign

Our standard monument sign is 4’ long, 6" wide and 4’ high. This design has a smooth 3’ diameter circle centered on one side to display your information. Custom design and colors are available. Perfect for the business that wants or is required to have a monument sign, but does not want to invest in a traditional sign with a concrete foundation. This sign is easily moved to a new location. The sign is mounted on t-posts that fit into openings on the bottoms of the sign and are completely hidden after installation.

Prices start at $245.00 and includes two t-posts

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Monument Sign


Billboard Column Wrap

Our wraps are available in many styles from the standard painted concrete look to stone or brick. Our standard size is 4’ x 4’-6” surrounds up to a 2’-6” diameter pole. Will instantly change the look of your pole. Our system is coated with Rhino Extreme inside and out. Each section measures 4’ tall and will go up to 40’ in 10 easy to install sections with our metal channel system.


Blocker – Portable Barricades


Blocker - Portable Barricade

A featherweight barricade that appears to be made of concrete. Your blocker can be made to have a smooth area to display your company name and serve as advertising for your business. Your organization or school could sell advertising on your blocker for special events, getting a quick return of your investment!

  • Built- in Handle
  • Each Unit Weighs Approx. 10 lbs for Easy Lifting
  • 24” H x 48 “ L x 18” W

$199.00 each for Base Grey Unit
$209.00 As Shown with Two Color Striping